About Patrick Shin

Patrick Shin founded the construction company Nan Inc in 1990. The business is based in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Patrick Nan Shin had dreams of becoming an entrepreneur really early in life. He wanted to help build the future of Hawaii. What started as an innocent dream, soon became reality many years later.

The road ahead wasn’t always easy. Patrick started with some of the smallest construction projects with a lot of passion and drive. Year-over-year his company grew bigger and bigger. In the beginning, there weren’t any employees either. It was just himself and one additional worker.

What was his first construction contract? It was a very simple installation of a road sign. Of course, everybody starts small. Many years later, the motivation and passion is still there, and Patrick Shin’s construction company grew massively.

Nan Inc Logo - Oahu Construction Company

Today, Nan Inc is Hawaii’s largest locally owned and operated general contractor. We’ve come a long way and are no capable of handling and executing the most complex projects.

Patrick Shin and his company specialize in preconstruction, general contracting, and design-build services.

Finally, this team is very committed and will help to succeed every project! Read more here how he started one of Hawaii’s biggest construction companies.