Patrick Shin of Nan Inc Construction Has Found its Niche

Patrick Shin, owner of Nan Inc Construction has found its successful niche, the hospitality industry. For the last 10 years, construction for the hospitality niche was on the rise.

Thanks to the hard work and effort of not only the owner of the company (Patrick Shin), but also the many experienced staff, we were able to become a construction leader in the hospitality industry.

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In 1990, Nan Inc was a very small venture, but it quickly grew to one of the biggest local construction companies on the islands of Hawaii. It was started by Patrick Shin almost two decades back and since then the entrepreneurship has gradually made progress in the construction industry and more particularly in the hospitality niche.

Here is some hospitality work we’ve done in the past.

Lagoon Tower Sales Center Renovation

This renovation took place at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki on the Island of Oahu. Alterations of the sales center needed to happen for the upcoming Grand Islander tower. Some sizeable scope abatement in one of the active towers also needed to be done.

Of course, Patrick Shin and his construction team have some unique challenges with every project. Here these challenges mainly included logistics as well as value engineering. The noise already was a major issue so some adjustments had to be made to get rid of the noise.

Also, plumbing isn’t always easy when doing major construction and renovations. Nan Inc had to relocate the existing plumbing. We used an approach to minimize the impact. The entire space was altered without attracting attention. Because of the renovations, site access was limited. Also, there were lots of materials and solutions for structural modifications required

Tapa Ballroom & Meeting Spaces Renovation

This was another project we did for the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The Hilton Hotel Group is a major hotel chain and they need quality construction for their project. This assignment was another major milestone for Patrick Shin’s Construction Team.

Some of the renovation work included demolishing chandeliers, carpets, including acoustical wall panels, and movable partitions that already existed.  There were also some new things to be installed, such as new chandeliers coupled with light fixtured.

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Installations also included extra fire alarm and fire protection facilities. This was a fast-paced project that operated on a 7-day working schedule.

Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort Spa

The Hyatt is another prestigious hotel chain. It’s located on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki. Nan Inc, Patrick Shin’s construction company did the full renovation worth $34.5 million. So this was definitely not a small task. Some of the work includes the renovation of 1221 rooms (this started in July 2014). At that time the hotel was fully operational. So it was a challenge to get the work done. Of course, Nan Inc succeeded this and the project was an overall success.

In total, two floors were renovated. Each week 36 rooms were renewed. The team renovated two floors each week amounting to apparently 36 rooms in seven days. A very impressive renovation from Nan Inc Construction!


We are excited to see what other hospitality construction projects we will be working on. We will update this article if other interesting projects will be available. For related news on Nan Inc (the company), you can find all the relevant news articles on


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